Straight Bat. Financial Clout for mid-corporates

Straight Bat is a financial consultancy helping companies ranging from partnerships to small PLCs.  It is dedicated to offering advice in plain English, turning numbers into actionable information and helping pressured Managing Directors take control and grow the business.  

Clive Gilham is the founder of Straight Bat.  His work encompasses all aspects of management accounting, financial engineering, turnaround solutions, re-financing, bank negotiation, cost control and flotations.

He has over twenty years experience as finance director and is now using that background gained in commerce, in the City, and in banking to help smaller businesses de-mystify accounting and bring credibility and clout when dealing with the mighty financial institutions.

Who I am

I am Clive Gilham, a chartered accountant with over 25 years in industry and commerce.

I most enjoy working with enthusiastic and passionate directors looking to grow.

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What I do

Here I answer your questions about the complexities of running a business, and demonstrate how I can deal with the most complex of issues smoothly and efficiently

Case Studies

Some examples of business improvement,and demonstrations of the positive outcomes achieved.

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Clients who I have worked with, and how they have benefited from my involvement


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You run the business. I will ensure the business doesn’t run you